How to report viruses not caught by SMG (Secure Messaging Gateway)

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  • 05-Dec-2018
  • 11-Dec-2018


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


Getting False Negative Virus' through, how can this be resolved?


If false negatives are getting through, report the viruses to

To ensure successful processing it is required to send copies of the original email, in .eml format, that are being misidentified. Furthermore to ensure both successful delivery and the appropriate processing, please follow the guidelines below:
•Save the mime.822 from the original email, renaming it to mime.eml

•File(s) must be placed inside an encrypted ZIP archive.
•The encrypted ZIP archive must use the password infected.

•Describe the file(s) being submitted, e.g. the origin and whether the file(s) should be considered Clean or Suspicious.

Once we have them and can verify, we will get them reported.