NetIQ Access Gateway configuration changes take more than 10 minutes

  • 7023555
  • 03-Dec-2018
  • 03-Dec-2018


  • Access Manager 4.4.3
  • Access Manager 4.4.3 Access Gateway


  • processing Access Gateway configuration changes are very slow
  • ESP catalina.out reports a JNDI (LDAP Server connection) error for an:

    <amLogEntry> 2018-11-05T13:03:35Z DEBUG NIDS Application:
    Method: JNDILogEventListener.accept
    Thread: JNDIReplicaRestart-74a72d1d-21a7-4e48-8f4e-6d2af183b2ba
    Replica: Id: 2fe7f48b-6135-4daf-96c7-045932f677f1, host: ldap://, Initiating placement onto restart thread! </amLogEntry>

  • The mentioned LDAP server has been configured as Data Source for virtual attributes and cannot be reached because of Firewall configuration


  • This issue has been address doe engineering. The Access Gateway should not contact any userstore or server configured as a data source directly.

  • As a workaround make sure the Access Gateway h as access to the configured Data Source server