How to View the Backtrace When a Module on SMG Crashed

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  • 29-Nov-2018
  • 30-Nov-2018


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


After SMG has crashed, what is the best way to view the backtrace?


Before the backtrace can be viewed,  make sure the server is set to create a dump file when it crashes. Here is a TID on how to do that. In order to view the backtrace, follow these steps:

1) Open a SSH terminal to the SMG server. Log in as the gwava user and then switch to the root user by typing: sudo su (then the password for the gwava user, when prompted).

2) Browse to the directory that was created to put the dumps files in by typing: cd /var/dumps

3) Type ll (two lowercase L's) to see the most recent Core Dumps. Find the core with the date and time closest to the present time.

4) Type gdb /opt/gwava/assets/bin/linux/x64/(process) /var/dumps/core.(process).(core number).   Depending on the program that crashed, use the correct process.  Example: If gwvsmtp crashed, type gwvsmtp after the ../assets/bin/linux/x64.

5) To view the backtrace type: bt
The data after typing 'bt' is what support needs to try and figure out why it crashed. Here's an example:

6) Type quit to exit.