Problems with upgrading GMS18.0.1 into GMS18.1

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  • 29-Nov-2018
  • 29-Nov-2018


GroupWise 18
GroupWise Mobility Service
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


You have perfectly running GMS18.0.1 on SLES12 and plan to upgrade to GMS18.1. You can upgrade GMS18.0.1 into 18.1 version whilst your GW is still at 18.0.2. This will work still.
You run both pgUpdate and pgUpdate94to96 scripts and all still works fine.
Upgrading to 18.1 goes fine as well, no complains over any parts but GMS services do not run.
The connectorManager.log, both connectors logs complain over:
URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>


GMS 18.1 requires SLES12SP3. So if you have GMS18.0.1 running on SLES12 with SP1 or SP2, you will need to go over following steps:

1. run
2. verify that everything still works
3. upgrade SLES12 to SP3
4. again verify that everything still works
5. upgrade to GMS 18.1