"Cannot validate GroupWise maintenance" error in GMS web admin console

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  • 28-Nov-2018
  • 07-Jun-2019


GroupWise Mobility Service 18
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 3 (SLES 12 SP3)


When opening the GroupWise Mobility Service web admin console you see this error:

Cannot validate GroupWise Maintenance. GroupWise maintenance status: Unknown. Services are stopped. To resume service, fix the GroupWise maintenance issue.


-Open the connector.xml for the GW connector. It is located in:


-Search for groupwiseAdminAddress, groupwiseAdminPassword, and groupwiseAdminUser. Do each of these elements have values? 

-If there is one of these elements that does not have a value, then edit the file, remove all three elements, then save and exit. 

-Go to: /opt/novell/datasync/syncengine/connectors/mobility/cli and run the following two python commands:

In GMS 18.0.x

python validateGroupWise.pyc -ca <gwServer_hostname><gwServer_admin_port> <gwServer_admin_name><gwServer_admin_password>
Example: python valitdateGroupWise.pyc -ca provo.novell.com 9710 admin novell

python validateGroupWise.pyc -vs

In GMS 18.1.x

python validateGroupWiseAdmin.pyc -ca <gwServer_hostname> <gwServer_admin_port> <gwServer_admin_name> <gwServer_admin_password>
Example: python valitdateGroupWise.pyc -ca provo.novell.com 9710 admin novell

python validateGroupWiseAdmin.pyc -vs

After this, check the connector.xml file again to see if the three elements mentioned above now have a value. If they do have values then restart GMS and see if error has gone away.

Note: You may have three values for groupwiseAdminAddress, groupwiseAdminPassword, and groupwiseAdminUser and still getting the maintenance error. If that is the case delete the elements and proceed to run the python commands and restart GMS.