D8B3 Conversion Failed: Error 500 in POA logs and many TMP files filling up oftemp directory.

  • 7023542
  • 28-Nov-2018
  • 28-Nov-2018


GroupWise 18.1
Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux
Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


POA is configured with a DVA. There are many conversion failed errors in POA logs. Disk space fills up quickly due to large number of generated TMP files in <po>\oftemp sub-directories. Removing DVA object from POA and stopping the DVA is a temporary workaround.


This problem is related to corrupted indexes under the PO. Deleting and regenerating indexes solves the problem.
You can delete and regenerate indexes from HTTP console of POA.
After you login to HTTP console, click on Configuration and then on QF Indexing link.
Here set following options:

QF Indexing -> Enabled.
Update Indexes only.
Indexing level -> Unlimited.
Index User Databases
Delete Old QF Files

If that way of reindexing does not help, you can go for more radical options if really needed:
Stop POA.
Delete Index directory under ofuser one. Then create new, empty Index directory.
Run the same options from HTTP console except "Delete Old QF Files" option.
You might see in POA logs file (Verbose) many C080/C081 errors as there are no indexes present. Therefore re-run the same options from HTTP console for QF Indexing process. You will see in this second run user databases being indexed with all documents/attachments.
As you could imagine, that is intensive task for POA, therefore run this preferably after working hours.
Note also that QF Indexing level must be set to Unlimited. If you set it into other value, only first 1000 mailbox items will be indexed at this time.