AutoSync client upgrade fails if the previous version is installed on a Non-default path

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  • 20-Nov-2018
  • 18-Jan-2019


Secure Configuration Manager 7.1.1
Secure Configuration Manager 7.1


Application of SCM 7.1.1 patch on top of SCM 7.1 Standalone auto sync client fails if the auto sync client is installed on a non-default directory.


Create the following registry key before applying the SCM 7.1.1 patch

  Registry to be created: 


"InstallScmDir"=<<Path to the location where the stand alone autosync client is installed and append slashes at the end>>

Eg: "InstallScmDir"=C:\NetIQ\Secure Configuration Manager\


Service is not upgraded when installed on Non-default path
JRE is not upgraded