NAM OAuth: Backward Compatibility with Binary Token

  • 7023531
  • 18-Nov-2018
  • 26-Dec-2018


Access Manager 4.4


In Access Manager 4.4 some OAuth Client Applications started failing to process OAuth Tokens of larger sizes.


Client Application should not assume that tokens have fixed size. Client Application code needs to be changed to handle tokens of larger sizes.
A bug is raised to provide backward compatibility with Binary Token. Please contact support to get the engineering build for it.
This support is for a limited period of time and Client Applications must be modified to handle the  JWT Token.


In NAM 4.3 the format of Access Token was Binary Token and in NAM 4.4 the format was changed to JSON Web Token(JWT). JWT Token is larger in size in comparison to Binary Token. It is important to note that client applications should not expect tokens of any specific sizes, they should be able to process tokens of any size. However, some of the client applications failed because they were not able to process tokens of larger sizes (JWT).