audit_ag.log does not exist on Access Gateway Service

  • 7023527
  • 16-Nov-2018
  • 16-Nov-2018


Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager 4.3
Access Gateway Service


Auditing is enabled for Access Gateway, but no events are getting sent to /var/opt/novell/syslog/audig_ag.log.  In fact the audit_ag.log is missing.


Change the permissions of the /var/opt/novell/log/syslog to in clude write right for other group.

chmod 757 /var/opt/novell/syslog

Reported to engineering and this will be fixed in future release.


The file permissions for /var/opt/novell/syslog are as follows:

drwxr-xr-x. 2 novlwww   novlwww     48 Nov 16 15:34 syslog

When apache starts it tries to create the audit_ag.log as user wwwrun:www.  Because the "other" does not have the write right, the file is not created.