dns/db: critical: Unable to get all RR's of zone <zonename>/IN with error 65537

  • 7023525
  • 15-Nov-2018
  • 15-Nov-2018


Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux Support Pack 1


DNS A records added to a zone were not becoming resolvable.
Even a reload of named would not cause them to resolve.


Delete the A records that contained invalid symbols in the name and restart named.


A records had been allow to dynamically be added to the zone and those A records contained the invalid % symbol in the name.

Here is an example:
38%11%c13%c7%a6%14-hillside    3600    IN    A
                              3600    IN    TXT    "31e692d29ad09b6cd117efbd2179b59e0e"