What is the registry setting that controls if GroupWise Messenger will start automatically on Windows startup

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  • 14-Nov-2018
  • 14-Nov-2018


GroupWise Messenger 18
GroupWise Messenger 3.x


A customer has many GroupWise Messenger users that don't want Messenger to start automatically on Windows startup and some that do want it to auto start.  What is the registry setting that controls this ?


For the Messenger users that have Messenger auto starting and they want it to stop, you can go to this area of the Windows registry and remove this entry :  "Novell Messenger" under this below registry key :



If you want to add this registry setting to Messenger users Windows registry, if it is not already present, you can do one of 2 things :

1.  Start the Messenger Client and login, Click on Tools, Options, General, and check the checkbox "Run Novell Messenger when Windows starts" Or

2.  * Note: backup your windows registry, as a precaution before making any registry change *

     a.  Start regedit.exe, go down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and have the "Run" key highlighted.

     b.  Right click, select New, select "String Value", type "Novell Messenger", no quotes, 

     c.  Press Enter, with "Novell Messenger" highlighted, right click, select "Modify".

     d.  Type :  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\Messenger\NMCL32.exe", include the quotes here.  Click OK.

Note:  The above registry settings can be published to other users by using Micro Focus Zenworks or other software capable of "publishing" Windows registry settings to users workstations :

The registry setting could be published through ZENworks using a Registry Edit bundle. Please see the ZENworks Software Distribution Reference :

For information on ZENworks bundles. Please see "Action - Registry Edit" :
For information on using a ZENworks bundle to edit the registry :