Unable to start MARS service due to a connection problems with ArangoDB service.

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  • 08-Nov-2018
  • 08-Nov-2018


GroupWise Messenger 18


You found out that you cannot administer Messenger objects via gwadmin console. A reason is a problem of MARS service which is either not running or has difficulties to access data stored in ArrangoDB site. There are connection refused or similar complains in the MARS log file.


There could be several reasons for such a situation and here is a procedure which you can try to see if this resolves your problem:

1. Stop all messenger services:
systemctl stop gwm-mars@<run as user>.service
systemctl stop gwm-nmma.service
systemctl stop gwm-nmaa.service
systemctl stop arango3db.service

2. Make sure that nothing is listed on port 8320, used by arangoDB service:
netstat -ntpl | grep 8320

if any is listed, kill it by "kill -9 <pid>" command.

3. Start arangoDB service only and check if the port 8320 becomes active on the server.

4. Use web browser and try to access to arangoDB web interface:

This shall come with authentication dialog where you provide the root user and his password. In next screen select Messenger as a database. If you came up to here, then you can start MARS and see if it comes now without any connectivity complains to arangoDB service.

5. If MARS still complains or you do not remember the root database user password, then go into /etc/arangodb3 directory and edit arangod.conf file. Find there authentication section and set it temporarily to false.
Save changes and restart arangoDB service.
Once it is up and running, after you hit via web browser https://<ip>:8320, you will be logged automatically to web interface of arangoDB service.
On a left site click on Users link. You shall see on right site the root user. If you click on that user, you shall be able to set new password.
Now return back to arangod.conf file and set back authentication into true value and restart the service.
After that you shall be able to login into webadmin interface of arangoDB service.

6. Next step you can try is to re-run the configuration script located in /opt/novell/messenger directory when all messenger services are stopped.
Run through all steps of the wizard and use root and a password you just have set via webadmin interface.
Once you finish the configuration part, start arangoDB service and after that MARS to see if all works now fine and that you can configure Messenger objects via gwadmin console.