how can I register agents with more than one installation of Secure Configuration Manager?

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  • 06-Nov-2018
  • 07-Nov-2018


Secure Configuration Manager 7.x


When you run Core Services for the first time, it generates a set of authentication keys called domain keys.
If you have more than one Core Services, and if you register an agent in Secure Configuration Manager that supports shared secret authentication, another Core Services cannot communicate with that agent unless it has those domain keys. 
You must export the domain keys from your first Core Services, and import them into the other Core Services to communicate with that agent.


On the Core Services computer that registered the agents, open the ExportDomainKeys.bat file. By default, this file is located in the Program Files\NetIQ\Secure Configuration Manager\Core Services\bin folder.

At the Filename prompt, type the name of the file to store the domain keys and press Enter. By default, Secure Configuration Manager saves the file in the same folder. To save the file to another location, enter a full path and file name.

At the Password prompt, type a password that the other Core Services must use to access the domain keys for importing, and press Enter.

For each Core Services computer that needs to access the agents registered on the first Core Services, complete the following steps:

Open the ImportDomainKeys.bat file.

At the Filename prompt, type the name of the file where the domain keys are stored and press Enter.

At the Password prompt, type the password to access the domain keys and press Enter.

Restart Core Services.


This is a security feature

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