Browser attempts HTTP connection to SSPR server when no protocol is specified

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  • 01-Nov-2018
  • 05-Feb-2020


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 4.x


Unable to connect to SSPR server when url is entered without https:// prefix, e.g.  
Browser uses HTTP, not HTTPS to connect to 
SSPR refuses HTTP connection attempt
Is it possible to  redirect HTTP to HTTPS for SSPR server?


This is working as designed.  When neither http nor  https is entered in the URL, the browser chooses which protocol is used.  
Users need to enter the complete link to the SSPR server, including https://
HTTPS is required to connect to an SSPR server.   SSPR does not support HTTP.
It is not possible to redirect HTTP to HTTPS within the SSPR application. 

Additional Information

Forcing the browser to use https is a function that can be performed by a web server, NetIQ Access Manager, a network gateway or a switch.  
Customers who have installed SSPR in a Linux environment with the sspr.war file will have a Tomcat web server, and can modify the server.xml to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. 

To force Tomcat to switch the user to a secure connection modify the sspr/WEB-INF/web.xml and add the following 12 lines at the bottom of the file.




                            <description>SSPR SSL-requiring Area</description>