iprintgw fails to load with Error 13. Printers in 'Not Bound' state

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  • 01-Nov-2018
  • 02-Nov-2018


Open Enterprise Server 2018 with iPrint


With an NSS iPrint configuration the Print Manager loads, but fails to load the Gateway module (iprintgw) with the following error being presented on the terminal:

Gateway module /opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprintgw for Printer Agent test. Error (13 - Permission denied) returned while doing execl().

All printers show as Not Bound within the /psmstatus page.

The following command returns three ipsmd process:

ps -ef | grep iprint
Note: In a working scenario, only two ipsmd processes should be returned



At the server console (not a putty or other remote session) while logged in as root, execute the following command:


This command will load the Gateway process, changing the all of the iPrint printers from a status of Not Bound to either Error Printing or Idle.  If the terminal session running ipringw is closed, then the printers will go to a Not Bound state again.  If the Print Manager is restarted (manually or automatically) then the workaround must be executed again.

In an NSS Cluster environment, adding the above iprintgw command to the Cluster Load script will also workaround the problem.

Possible Resolution:
There are multiple possible causes of this problem.  One possible cause is that the NSS LUM iprint user within eDirectory shows it's primary group as something other than iprintgrp.  To determine if that is the case:
  1. Run this command within a terminal session:
    • Sytanx:
      • rights -f /media/nss/[iPrint Volume Name]/var/opt/novell/iprint show
    • Example:
      • rights -f /media/nss/IPRINTVOL/var/opt/novell/iprint show
  2. Write down the context of the iprintgrp group object and iprint user object.
  3. iManager -> Modify Object -> browse to the iprint user listed in step 2 -> Linux Profile
    • If the Primary Group Name is something other than the iprintgrp object found in step two, change that to iprintgrp group.
      • At the terminal session, execute this command:
      • namconfig cache_refresh


Micro Focus is investigating this problem.


Micro Focus is investigating this problem. More debugging needs to occur, but the current suspicion is that problem has to do with multiple LUM iprint users and multiple LUM iprintgrp groups getting confused in the configuration and thereby denying ipsmd rights to launch the iprintgw process.