Certificate Issues Accessing the User Mailbox Option for Users

  • 7023481
  • 30-Oct-2018
  • 21-Mar-2019


GroupWise 18.1


The GW administrator was getting certificate path errors when clicking User Mailbox to view the user's mailbox information after adding a GroupWise Mailbox Management or Enterprise Messaging license to GroupWise.


If  GroupWise signed certificates or certificates created using the GroupWise certificate creation tool are being used, generate new certificates for the agents in the GroupWise Admin Console. This is done on the SSL Settings page for each of the agents.

If commercial certificates are being used, make sure your certificates follow the Certificate Best Practices found in the GroupWise Administration Guide. If the certificates do not follow those guidelines, update them with the proper information or obtain new certificates and upload the certificates to the GroupWise agents on the SSL Settings page for each of the agents.


To help keep the GroupWise system more secure, MicroFocus is updating the certificate security policies and the certificates need to be updated to match these policies.