Changes of a GroupWise user account are not synchronized with Messenger accounts, error 0xAD43.

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  • 29-Oct-2018
  • 29-Oct-2018


GroupWise 18
GroupWise Messenger 18


You have changed first or last name of a GW account which has also a Messenger account enabled. You want to replicate this change into Messenger system and therefore you initiate a Sync from <domain>_LDAP object. This change is not replicated and in NMMA logs you see errors like in example bellow:

13:31:33 B40 DIR Starting sync for LDAP/Dom1_LDAP.
13:31:33 B40 DIR Sync for LDAP/Dom1_LDAP returned error [0xAD43].
13:31:33 B40 DIR Sync for LDAP/Dom1_LDAP updated 0 records, expired 0 users.

This error indicates a problem in communication with the LDAP server. Although the LDAP port of a domain MTA is active, listed in netstat command output.


In this particulate example, the LDAP port on MTA was set in 58389. Changing this value into 1389 and restarting gwadminservice in order to become active fixed the synchronization problems.
There seems to be at the moment a design limit within Messenger code that has problems with higher number set on the LDAP port configured within a domain MTA object.

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