Increasing memory on Filr MySQL server has no observable benefit

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  • 25-Oct-2018
  • 01-Nov-2018


Filr 3.0 MySQL Appliance


After adding memory to the MySQL server, not increase in performance or other benefit is seen. It appears that the additional memory is not recognized.


Edit the "innodb_buffer_pool_size" line in /etc/my.cnf. It is recommended that "innodb_buffer_pool_size" should be 60% - 70% of total memory size for a large deployment. This line must be edited you adjust the memory size on the MySQL appliance. Restarting the MySQL service (or simply rebooting the MySQL server) is required for this setting to take effect.

See also:
TID 7019199 "MySQL Database Maintenance for Best Performance"
MySQL 5.5. Reference Manual "Buffer Pool Instance"


Added memory does not automatically become allocated to MySQL. The "innodb_buffer_pool_size" line in /etc/my.cnf on the MySQL server controls how much physical memory is allocated to MySQL.