Notification emails are not sent from Teamworks.

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  • 17-Oct-2018
  • 17-Oct-2018


GroupWise Teamworks


You have configured in the Appliance web console Outbound Email but despite of that, no emails are sent. No matter whether you use internal Postfix or external GW GWIA.


At the moment, a design of Teamworks is that as far as you are logged in your Teamworks account, we do not send notification emails. The way it works in example:

1. User1 logs in and creates a private Room and adds user2.
2. User1 and user2 carry on a conversation where they create topics and comments and reply to each other
3. While logged in neither of the users will received email notifications
4. Now let's say user1 logs out. Now when user2 sends a reply to a previous conversation in Room user will get an email notification.

Please, be aware that we count any kind of login into Teamworks account. This includes also a case when you have enabled Teamworks integration within your GW system and you run GW client with this feature. This also provides login into a Teamworks account and therefore as far as your GW client is up and running, you will not get notification emails. Similarly for a mobile application.
Teamworks integration within GW client does not provide any notifications either about updates being made in your room unless you click on the room.
Both of the cases are reported to the GroupWise development.