DRA users unable to see global tasks from the web UI

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  • 16-Oct-2018
  • 16-Oct-2018


Directory and Resource Administration Server 9.2.0.x

Directory and Resource Administration REST Services 9.2.0.x


When certain Assistant Admins (AA) logon to the Directory and Resource Administration (DRA) Web UI, they are not presented with a list of global tasks. They are able to see the properties of an AD object. The global tasks include create new <Object type>, Add member to group, remove member from group, and more.


The DRA product administrator will need to reconfigure the DRA security. They will need to build a new custom role containing the powers of multiple roles. This will allow you to apply a single DRA security role to an active view assignment.


This issue is caused by having nested DRA security roles within a single DRA Active View (AV). In this situation the DRA Product admin has created a custom security role and added another (custom or built-in) role to it. The DRA Web UI is unable to correctly check the AA's powers when those powers are granted via nested security roles.

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