Outlook plugin: "Retain Server cannot be reached" Error

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  • 08-Oct-2018
  • 08-Oct-2018


Retain 4.x
Outlook plugin


When attempting to log into Retain from the Outlook Plugin, it results in an error: "Retain Server cannot be reached"


Things to check:
1. The RetainWebUI log file shows:
15:59:05, 787[ajp-nio-48009-exec-6] [DEBUG] LoginController: Validating User : <username>
15:59:05, 788[ajp-nio-48009-exec-6] [DEBUG] RetainUIRestAPI: Getting User Account
15:59:10, 802[ajp-nio-48009-exec-6] [ERROR] RetainUIRestAPI: Unable to execute request and retrieve response.

2. This also fails when attempting to login using a web browser at http://<hostname>/RetainWebUI/ you are redirected to https://<hostname>/RetainWebUI/

3. When you check the ../Beginfinite/Retain/RetainWebUI/WEB-INF/sfg/RSConfig.cfg file you find it is not set to SSL:

4. Browsing to the RetainWebUI address with the IPAddress of the Retain server http://<IPAddress>/RetainWebUI/  is successful.

These indicate a DNS or Web server security issue not a Retain issue.

Things to try:
1. Flush the DNS cache of the workstation: “ipconfig /flushdns”

2. There may be an SSL mis-configuration. Check the URL with an SSL checker such as: