DRA Workflow Automation workflow request forms missing

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  • 02-Oct-2018
  • 02-Oct-2018


Directory & Resource Administrator 9.2 HF2


The DRA Web Console provides the ability for DRA Admins to trigger an automation workflow process using a custom form. These customer forms are stored within files of JSON type, within a path local to each Web Server hosting the DRA Web Console. After applying DRA 9.2 Hotfix 2 these custom forms are no longer visible within the DRA Web Console.


In order to restore these forms, the DRA product administrator will need to restore a backup copy of the JSON file used to store the custom forms. This file is named workflow-tasks.json, and is located under the path "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DRAClient\components\lib\ui-templates\customer_9.2.0.2_upgrade_backup". The production path for the file should be "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DRAClient\components\lib\ui-templates\custom".


During the upgrade from DRA or DRA to DRA, the contents if the workflow-tasks.json files are incorrectly modified. This change causes the DRA workflow automation requests forms to no longer to be displayed within the Web UI.

Additional Information

Note: After restoring the file, it might be necessary to have the DRA Admins restart their web browser. If the issue still persists after a web restart, the IIS Service might also need to be restarted.
Each Web Server contains its own copy of the files used by the DRAClient Website. These files are not globally synced, and must be updated on each Web Server.