LDAP user can not access data shared by an other LDAP user when data is hosted on a NetAPP c-dot system

  • 7023404
  • 01-Oct-2018
  • 04-Oct-2018


Filr 3.3 Appliance
NetAPP C-Dot 9.1


LDAP-imported Filr users can not access data shared by an other LDAP-imported user.
This started happening after the data was migrated from a NetAPP 7.x system towards a NetAPP C-Dot (9.1) system and Filr was upgraded to 3.3.4.

When the share receiver tries to access the data via "shared with me" an error "data not found" or 400 error is displayed.


A fix has been made available as part of Filr 3.4.2 or later code, over the Filr update channels.


Reported to Engineering