Reporting and Monitoring Error “Call failed for authentication”

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  • 28-Sep-2018
  • 28-Sep-2018


Retain 4.x


After stopping tomcat and removing the Reporting and monitoring bootstrap, and attempting to access the Reporting and Monitoring server. A "Call failed for authentication" error occurs and returned with the log on screen.


There is a mismatch between configuration files.

To resolve this error, on the Retain Server:

  1. Stop tomcat
  2. Remove ~/RetainServer/WEB-INF/cfg/StatsConfiguration.cfg
  3. Remove ~/RetainStatsServer/WEB-INF/cfg/StatsConfiguration.cfg
  4. Start tomcat
  5. Log into the Retain Server
  6. Go to Configuration | Reporting and Monitoring | Connection tab
  7. Set the connection information correctly.
  8. Under the Logging tab, enable logging, set the logging level to Normal (Info), enable Compress logs, and Remove old logs, and set the expiration to 10 days.
  9. Press Save Changes.
  10. Download the bootstrap.
  11. Click on Overview | Reporting to open the Reporting and Monitoring server.
  12. Upload the bootstrap and you should be able to log in normally.


The issue is that one of the StatsConfiguration.cfg files is different (or missing), either the one in RetainServer/WEB-INF/cfg or in RetainStatsServer/WEB-INF/cfg. Without matching configuration data the Reporting and Monitoring server is unable to communicate and authenticate with the Retain Server.