6.16 iPrint Client with iPrint Direct printers hangs Windows Print Spooler

  • 7023395
  • 28-Sep-2018
  • 20-Nov-2018


Micro Focus iPrint Client version 6.16


When iPrint Direct printers are installed to the workstation, and the iPrint Client version is 6.16, the Windows Print Spooler will hang.  This problem is seen when opening the Print dialog within an application.  The mouse pointer will turn to an hour glass and you are not able to select a printer or choose the PRINT button to submit a print job.


  1. Restart the Windows Print Spooler.  This will allow you to print for 30 minutes. There are two methods to restart the Windows Print Spooler: CMD or Windows Services
    • CMD method
      • Open a CMD window in the Run as Administrator mode.
      • Type the following commands:
        • net stop spooler
        • net start spooler
    • Windows Services method
      • Hold down the Windows key and hit the letter 'r'
        • This is the Windows Run dialog
      • Type services.msc and click OK.
      • Find the Print Spooler service, right-click, and choose stop.
      • Right-click and choose start.

Apply the 6.16.03 FTF iPrint Client for Windows available from the Micro Focus patch site.

Note: During the first few weeks of November 2018 we released a 6.16.01 FTF client which resolved the Spooler hang issue with iPrint Direct printers, but then caused a new Spooler hang issue when printers where not connected to the network.  The 6.16.03 FTF client (linked above as the Fix) resolves both of those Spooler hang issues.