GroupWise CardDav/Caldav not working when address book or Calendar has a space in the name

  • 7023393
  • 28-Sep-2018
  • 17-May-2019


GroupWise 18


Connect Thunderbird CardDav/CalDav application to the GroupWise Calendar server.  The connection is successful.  The list of address books and calendars are correctly retrieved.  However, when doing a sync on any address book or calendar that has a space in it's name no data is returned.

If there is no space in the name then the data is successfully retrieved

The following error is observed in the calsvr.log file:

java.lang.RuntimeException: There was an unencoded url requested: /principals/.uids/FBFB6BD0-0F62-0000-9967-776464306534/addressbooks/Frequent Contacts/5BA35F1B.dom1.po1.104.130647A.1.C.1.vcf


In Thunderbird, disable "Decode URLs for REPORT requests" under Advanced Properties of the Sync settings.


Reported to Engineering