Reflection end-user folders get created in C:\Micro Focus\Reflection instead of under My Documents

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  • 27-Sep-2018
  • 01-Oct-2018


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.0 or higher


Reflection Desktop end-user folders get created in C:\Micro Focus\Reflection folder instead of under the Windows My Documents location at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection like expected.


This problem is caused because the user's My Documents location has been redirected to the root of the C: drive. (This is an unusual location and is not typically used as the destination of Re-directed My Documents)

The path for the Reflection user configuration files is determined by a Windows registry key called “UserDir” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\WRQReflection.  This value is typically set to the default of %personalfolder%\Micro Focus\Reflection.  This unique variable allows the Reflection software to resolve the location of the configuration files “on-the-fly” as it may be changed from defaults for the user and variable prevents issues that can occur if a fixed or static entry is used to point to the end-users Documents folder.  The %personalfolder% is not a Microsoft Windows environment value, and actually pre-dates the Windows PersonalFolders variable.  The %personalfolder% value will typically expand to the same value used by the Windows Environment variable called “UserProfile” (via a Windows 32-bit API call) and can also resolve to where the users Re-directed My Documents is located, if it is on a network drive.  Problems only occur if the the Re-directed My Documents is pointed to the root of the C: drive, as all other locations will work correctly.

To resolve the issue set the following registry keys:

                        Key Name:       UserDir:    
                        Key Value:        %UserProfile%\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\
                        Key Name:       LogDir:    
                        Key Value:        %UserProfile%\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\

Note:  The trailing backslash on this path is important.  Without the trailing backslash the pathing will not work correctly.