IDM Activation and Bundled Edition

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  • 24-Sep-2018
  • 24-Sep-2018


Identity Manager 4.5 and above.


IDM Bundled Edition installed on a non-OES server.

Identity Manager activation appears to be installed but the IDM activation is not in effect.
In iManager | Driver Overview | Activation | Information tab - all the activated drivers and engine appear to be properly listed.  IDM drivers may not even have the evaluation message.

Drivers will not start and in cases where drivers do have an evaluation expired message, the message never goes away even though the drivers appear to be activated in the Information tab.


IDM does not support an Bundled Edition Activation license on a non-OES server. A Bundled Edition Activation will only be supported on a OES server with the IDM Bundled Edition.

If a non-OES server is installed with the IDM Bundled Edition the install of the activation license may look like as if it is installed but some or all of your drivers will not work properly. The activation is accepted but will produce some strange behavior. It is not supported in this situation. The solution is to install a Standard Edition or Advanced Edition of the software and use a SE or AE activation license file.

Furthermore - No purchasable drivers (eg, Delimited Text, PeopleSoft, SAP, JDBC, Azure, etc) are supported on a Bundled Edition install or activation. The activation files may appear to be installed but will not work properly. The mechanism to actually activate the purchased driver does not function in a Bundled Edition install nor does it work in a Bundled Edition activation.

Additional Information

Open Enterprise Server + IDM Bundled Edition (Limited Drivers) = Supported
Open Enterprise Server + IDM Bundled Edition + Purchasable Drivers = Bundled Edition limited drivers will work, Purchased Drivers will not activate
Non-OES + IDM Bundled Edition = Not Supported, May work for limited Drivers, In danger of an Audit
Non-OES + IDM Bundled Edition + Purchased Drivers = Not Supported, Purchased Drivers will not activate, In danger of Audit