783 error trying to start a driver after a non-root install

  • 7023354
  • 14-Sep-2018
  • 18-Jan-2019


Identity Manager 4.7.0


783 error when trying to start a driver after installing IDM as a non-root user.
Error is a JVM error.


Preferred Solution
  1. Apply the Identity Manager update or later from the NetIQ Downloads website.

  2. Extend the eDirectory schema. Navigate to the <non-root engine installed location>/opt/novell/eDirectory/bin directory and run the ./idm-install-schema command.

Secondary Option

sudo su, and install the /common/packages/java/netiq-jrex-1.8.0-162.noarch.rpm package.  Then restarting eDirectory allows vrdim to load properly and the driver to start.