iPrint Appliance Directory Servers Configuration: An error has occurred

  • 7023341
  • 07-Sep-2018
  • 21-Sep-2018


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 3.x


When clicking the Synchronize Now button within the iPrint Appliance Directory Servers -> Directory Servers Configuration page, the following error is returned
Last manual synchronization [DATE]
  • Status: Failed
  • Server:
  • Error: An error has occurred. See the server logs for more information.


Run the Re-Index Everything tool with the Search Index tool.
  1. Take a snapshot of the Appliance.
  2. Delete the kablink cache
    • rm /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink/*
  3. Stop the firewall
    • rcSuSEfirewall2 stop
  4. Find the Filr admin password
    • Paste the following command into a terminal session:
      • base64 -di /etc/opt/novell/iprintmobile/conf/credstore.conf
    • Look for the line which shows <entry key="filr.password">
    • Copy the password which shows for that entry.
  5. Launch the Filr console from the browser.
    • https://<appliance host address>:8444
    • Type 'admin' for the user name
    • Type the password found from step 3 for the password
    • Choose "Cancel" when prompted to change the password
  6. At the top right corner, click the "admin" link and choose "Administration Console"
  7. Click "Search Index" within the left navigation list (under the "Management" section")
  8. Check the box for "Re-Index Everything" and click OK.
    • This might take quite some time so let it continue until it is completed.
  9. Start the firewall.
    • rcSuSEfirewall2 start
  10. Verify the problem is resolved.