A Migration to a vCloud Target Fails at Preparing Replication Environment.

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  • 07-Sep-2018
  • 12-Sep-2018


PlateSpin Migrate 12.3


A migration where vCloud is the target platform fails at the step "Preparing Replication Environment" with the message ERROR: "Replication environment disk not found".


These are the known reasons for this error.

1. The target needs to be refreshed. From the Migrate web interface, click on Targets and then choose to refresh the appropriate vCloud target. 

2. The replication environment was not deployed properly. Properly deploy the replication environment to vCloud according to the PlateSpin Migrate user guide

3. The storage profile for the vdc is disabled; it should not be disabled. 

4. If the environment has multiple catalogs and the replication environment is deployed to the second one, the replication environment won't be found.
-To resolve this error for this case, upload the replication environment to the first catalog.