A Replication Fails Because it was was Failed by the Job Manager.

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  • 07-Sep-2018
  • 12-Sep-2018


PlateSpin Forge 11.x and up
PlateSpin Migrate  12.x and up
PlateSpin Protect 11.x and up


A replication fails with the message ERROR:"Job loaded at controller startup has status Running. The job cannot be run and was failed by Job Manager."


1. On the PlateSpin server, go to https://localhost/platespinconfiguration in a web browser.
-If the target platform is Azure, search for the setting AzureReplicationEnvironmentMinMemory.
-If the target platform is VMware ESXi or vCenter, search for the setting TakeControlMemorySizeinMB.
-Change the appropriate setting to 2048 and save the setting change. 
2. In Windows Explorer on the PlateSpin server, go to PLATESPIN_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer\.
-Please replace PLATESPIN_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY\ with the path to where PlateSpin is installed (Ex: C:\Program Files\PlateSpin Migrate Server)
-Right click on RestartPlateSpinServer.exe and then click on run as administrator.
3. Retry the replication job.