High utilization when starting the Roles and Resource driver after upgrade to IDM 4.7

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  • 03-Sep-2018
  • 04-Sep-2018


eDirectory 9.1
Identity Manager 4.7
IDM 4.7 Role and Resource Service Driver (RRSD)


After upgrade to IDM 4.7, the server running the Roles and Resource Service Driver goes into high utilization soon after starting the driver. The server becomes unresponsive and stopping the ndsd process or stopping the driver takes a long time.


The problem is likely related to the cleanup of the nrfResourceHistory attribute. To confirm this, edit the properties of the Roles and Resource driver and set the value of the parameter “Store resource history for days” to -1. This will disable the clean-up task.


The 4.7 version of the Roles and Resource driver has a new feature that cleans up the historical values of the nrfResourceHistory attribute. This value is controlled with a new parameter called “Store resource history for days”, which by default is set to 7. 

If there is a large amount of values of this attribute on each user, the process to sort up and determine which attributes should be deleted (those older than 7 days) can cause the server to go into high utilization.

Additional Information

The attribute nrfResourceHistory, as it name implies, stores the history of Resource assignments. Up until 4.7, this history would be stored for an indefinite time. With the new driver version, it's possible to automate the cleanup of this value. If having the driver sort and delete these attributes is taking a very long time or too many resources, it could be evaluated to clean up all current values using an LDIF file and let the value keep the cleanup for any new Resource requests.