Syncing Web Console customization to all Web Servers with DRA

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  • 31-Aug-2018
  • 20-Sep-2018


Directory & Resource Administrator 9.0.x
Directory & Resource Administrator 9.1.x
Directory & Resource Administrator 9.2.x


A new web page was added on Web01, but it cannot be seen on other web pages. Only the previous customization is seen, how can this be updated? Is it an issue with the server? Is there a way to copy the numerous customizations to another server?


Open File Explorer and navigate to the following path:
This folder shows the previously backed up Web Console customizations, as well as the currently implemented customizations within the Web Console.
This can be manually added by navigating to the folder containing the Web Console customizations, and copying it over to the same folder on another server.


The customization may not have synced with another server within the Multi Master Set. Nothing new is being seen within the Web Console because the customizations have not appeared on the server in question. If customizations have gone missing, they may still be found under the "ui-template" folder as the customizations are backed up when DRA is upgraded.

Additional Information

Although the Web Console customizations are backed up automatically when upgrading, Tech Support would still recommend manually backing the folder up as well.