Error 0xAD0B on GroupWise Messenger agent and failed Messenger client login for any user

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  • 31-Aug-2018
  • 31-Aug-2018


GroupWise 18
GroupWise Messenger 18
Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux


When Messenger 18 users attempt to login , thed fail and the Messenger agent logs shows the error :
"Login failed [0xAD0B]: LAM - Invalid credentials supplied to LDAP".

Also and nds trace was done and it shows the errors at attempted login time of :
"Failed to resolve full context on connection 0xf4f8700, err=no such entry (-601)"
"Failed to authenticate full context on connection 0xf4f8700, err=no such entry (-601)"
"Sending operation result 49:"":"NDS error: failed authentication (-669)" to connection 0xf4"


It was discovered that the GroupWise MTA object , under the Ldap tab, in the GroupWise Web Admin Console, had LDAP enabled and port 389 selected.  However the MTA linux box had Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES2018) installed and it uses port 389 for Ldap services.  So there was a port conflict.  Once we changed the port under the MTA object to an unused port like 390 and restarted the GroupWise "gwadminservice" the problem went away.


Ldap port conflict.