Error when installing Novell-NLDAPsdk Runtime Library

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  • 28-Aug-2018
  • 28-Aug-2018


eDirectory on Linux


When attempting to install the Novell-NLDAPsdk Runtime Library (novell-NLDAPsdk.rpm / novell-NLDAPsdk- on a Red Hat Linux server running eDirectory, an error is displayed:

error: Failed dependencies:
        novell-filesystem is needed by novell-NLDAPsdk-


As stated in the readme for the sdk, the package needs to be installed with the "nodeps" switch, in order to ignore the dependency:

These RPM were plucked directly from the OES distribution and placed here.
Unfortunately, these RPMs have a minor dependency on other RPMs distributed
with OES.  Hence, installation of these RPMs will require that this minor
dependency be dropped.  This is done by specifiyng the --nodeps option.  For
example, to install novell-NLDAPsdk-

   # rpm -i --nodeps novell-NLDAPsdk-