SecureLogin will not start

  • 7023300
  • 24-Aug-2018
  • 24-Aug-2018


SecureLogin 8.6

SecureLogin 8.6.1


After closing the SecureLogin client any attempt to re-launch fails. There are no error messages but the client will not start and the systray icon never appears.

After closing the SecureLogin client (sltray.exe) the process sldotnetsso.exe remains running. If the user kills the running process sldotnetsso.exe then sltray.exe will load as expected.


Edit the SecureLogin preferences and disable the Flash monitor.

Web->Start the Flash monitor/automation worker

Set to No


The Flash monitor service is being depreciated. This feature, when enabled, will cause the sldotnetsso.exe module to not shutdown properly. Subsequent attempts to load sltray.exe will detect that sldotnetsso.exe is still running and will abort the load.