How to display double-byte characters

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  • 16-Aug-2018
  • 17-Aug-2018


Reflection Desktop
Reflection 2014


Connecting to a host configured for a double-byte language may not result in the display of the expected double-byte characters.


Follow these steps to properly configure the Reflection emulation session.

1. When creating the document, select Model ID 5555-C01. This is the only ID which supports double-byte characters.
2. Select the appropriate host code page.
3. Select 'Configure additional settings' and click OK.

4. Click 'Configure Terminal Settings' and then OK.

5. Enable 'Support double-byte character set' and click OK.

You should now be able to login and see the configured double-byte characters.


Invalid characters can be displayed in an emulation session if Reflection is not configured correctly.

Additional Information

There is no need to run Reflection on a PC configured for the required double-byte language, or install any non-default features (such as Japanese language support, which is for the user-interface, Help, and sample files).

Not required for displaying double-byte characters in an emulation session: