Sentinel core report is missing

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  • 16-Aug-2018
  • 16-Aug-2018


Sentinel  Reporting


One of my Sentinel core reports is missing from the view.


Use the following steps to restore a report previously installed from the "sentinel core solution pack".  For this example let's say the user accidentally deleted the "Sentinel core event count trend" report. To restore this report use the following steps. 

1. go to sentinel control center\configuration\solution packs

2. double click solution packs to open solution pack manager.

3. Highlight "sentinel core solution pack" and click the icon at the top right "open with solution manager".

Note: it might take a few minutes to open
4. Now drill down to Sentinel core solution pack\event management controls\event trends

5. highlight "event trends" and click the uninstall button.
6. After it is uninstalled hightlight "event trends" again and click the install button. 

7. the report should reappear.  

Note: This same procedure can be used to restore other items from this solution pack, however the location within the solution pack might be different so steps 4 thru 6 would need to be changed.   


A user accidentally deleted one of their Sentinel core reports.  These are the reports added when the "sentinel core solution pack" is installed.