Unable to Receive Emails From Scheduled Reports

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  • 16-Aug-2018
  • 13-Nov-2018


Change Guardian


When running scheduled reports, Change Guardian is unable to receive any email alerts.
Change Guardian reports fail to be delivered through email. 
Email configuration changes  to accommodate the proxy settings are not kept when saved. 


Perform the following steps to configure the Email settings:

1. Run configure.sh script in debug mode (using the command below) and copy the results to a file.
# ./configure.sh -x udei --admin-account=<admin_account> --admin-password=<admin_account_password> --mail-host=<SMTP_hostname> --mail-port=<SMTP_port> --mail-from=<e-mail_address> --mail-user=<e-mail_auth_account> --mail-password=<e-mail_auth_password>

2. Check the output to see if the last line of execution of the script is:

++ curl -s -k -X POST -u admin:<adminpassword> https://<ServerHostname/IP>:8443/SentinelAuthServices/auth/tokens

3. Change the script in step 2 to run in debug mode by adding -v option:

++ curl -v -s -k -X POST -u admin:<adminpassword> https://<ServerHostname/IP>:8443/SentinelAuthServices/auth/tokens

4. On execution, check if the script contains any proxy entries in the result.log file, then run proxy credentials setting command as follows:

export https_proxy=https://username:password@proxydomainname

Specify the following:
  • username: proxy username
  • password: proxy password
  • domainname: ex:domainname.domain.com
5. Run the configure.sh command and then run a report to check if you are able to receive emails.
./configure.sh -x udei --admin-account=<admin_account> --admin-password=<admin_account_password> --mail-host= <SMTP_hostname> --mail-port=<SMTP_port> --mail-from=<e-mail_address> --mail-user=<e-mail_auth_account> --mail-password=<e-mail_auth_password>

6. (Conditional) If you are unable to receive emails after you perform step 5, update the required database by executing the ./configure.sh script. Perform the following steps:

a. Run the following command:

su novell source /opt/novell/sentinel/bin/setenv.sh cd /opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/postgresql/bin ./psql SIEM dbauser

b. Replace the fields mentioned below with appropriate values and run the following sql script

Update integrator_config set integrator_Properties='0:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><IntegratorProperties><Properties><Property><Value>EML</Value><Name>_service</Name></Property><Property><Value>mail-host</Value><Name>host</Name></Property><Property><Value>mail-port</Value><Name>port</Name></Property><Property><Value>mail-user</Value><Name>user</Name></Property><Property><Name>password</Name></Property><Property><Value>mail-from</Value><Name>fromEmail</Name></Property><Property><Value>smtp://mail-host:25</Value><Name>_targetURI</Name></Property><Property><Value>false</Value><Name>_SSL_Connection</Name></Property><Property><IsCustom>1</IsCustom><Value>true</Value><Name>DefaultEMailServer</Name></Property></Properties></IntegratorProperties>' where type='SMTP';

c. Modify the following fields in above SQL script:

mail-host= The hostname/IP address of your SMTP server.mail-port=The port over which to connectmail-from=The e-mail address from which mail should be sent. mail-user=The account to use to authenticate with SMTP server.

d. Run the following command to exit database connection:


e. Restart the Change Guardian server.
#rcsentinel restart

7. Run the report from web console and determine if email notifications are active.


Network environment prevents the standard email configuration to not update the database with the proper information.  The proxy configuration will not allow emails to be sent without configuration of the Change Guardian email environment.  When changes are made to the email environment via command line the changes are not saved as expected.