LDAP Driver won't startup - "unknown trans log instruction '4' at log offset: XXXXXX"

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  • 13-Aug-2018
  • 13-Aug-2018


Identity Manager 4.7
Identity Manager Driver - LDAP


When attempting to start the LDAP driver, the driver starts and shuts right back down.   In reviewing a trace (level 3) of the ldap driver starting, the following error is found:

 <status description="An unexpected error occurred in the publisher channel: unknown trans log instruction '4' at log offset: 245007" level="fatal"/>


The error you are receiving may indicate an issue with the publisher cache (state) files.   Delete those files then try starting the driver.  The driver will recreate the cache files upon startup.

The state files can be found in the eDirectory dib directory.   (/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib by default)
ldap_<driver instance guid>*

There should be three of them:
ldap_<driver instance guid>
ldap_<driver instance guid>.p
ldap_<driver instance guid>.t

Be extremely careful not to delete other files in the DIB directory as it will corrupt eDirectory


Corrupt Publisher Cache files.