IDM 4.6 to IDM 4.7 upgrade - Roles and Resource Driver will not start - Missing driver option: cleaup-res-history-last-days

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  • 07-Aug-2018
  • 07-Aug-2018


Identity Manager 4.7
Identity Manager Driver - Role and Resource


After upgrading from IDM 4.6 to IDM 4.7 the Role and Resource driver will not start.
The following errors is found in a level 3 startup trace of the Role and Resource driver.

Message:  Missing driver option: cleaup-res-history-last-days


A new required GCV  "Store resource history for days" was introduced with the Role and Resource driver in IDM 4.7.

Installing the updated Role and Resource Driver base package that ships with IDM 4.7 to the IDM package.  Then deploying the updated driver, resolved the issue.


Missing cleaup-res-history-last-days GCV.