How to Conceal the 5xx Rejection in SMG

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  • 07-Aug-2018
  • 23-Oct-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


Senders are getting an undeliverable when a message is blocked and quarantined. Since it is getting quarantined, I would like to prevent them from getting an undeliverable. How can I do that?


To prevent the sending server from getting the 5xx rejection notice on quarantined messages, which causes it to send an undeliverable to the person that sent it, do the following:

1) On your Inbound mail filter policy workbench bring down the Interface Control service

2) Edit the Interface Control by clicking on the icon on it, on the left. Set the delivery response to Accept 2xx.

3) Link the Interface Control service to each Filter Group and/or Filter that you have set to get quarantined. You will need to link it to the filter group if the quarantine service is linked with the group.