The connection to the server failed when attempting to sync ActiveSync email with mobile devices in ZENworks MDM.

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  • 02-Aug-2018
  • 02-Aug-2018


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017


Attempting to use Exchange ActiveSync on mobile devices connected through ZCM.  The authentication process at the time of enrollment completes but when attempting to get mail loaded onto the device it errors with “Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed”. Connecting the devices directly to Exchange without ZENworks in the middle works properly.

 No errors appear logs or communication between the device and ZENworks because the authentication process is succeeding.  The only failure is when specifically loading mail.


On the Exchange ActiveSync server itself under the Microsoft Server ActiveSync Properties go to Remote File Servers – Configure (see attached screenshots). 
Under the Internal Domain Suffix List, add the FQDN of the ZENworks MDM server. 
Clients can access only servers that are recognized as internal. If a server that an client attempts to access has a DNS suffix that is not on the list, it will be considered external and will not be accessible to the client.

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