Setting Release Rights for Specific Users

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  • 30-Jul-2018
  • 03-Aug-2018


Secure Messaging Gateway (GWAVA 7)


I would to limit who can release messages from the QMS/Digest, that fire on a certain event, such as attachment names.


You can limit which users are able to release messages for a certain filter by doing the following:

On the Policy deployment workbench make sure you have the follow:

     1) Filter Node: Attachment Name (if you already have this on your work bench, make sure it's not apart of a filter group. If it is break the link from that group)
          - Link with Service Nodes: Quarantine and Message Block
          -  (optional) Link with Exception Node: Email address (only if you have any addresses that you want to exclude from this scan)

     2) Another Filter Node: Attachment name
          - Link with Filter Node: Email Address  (you can rename email address to something like Allow to Release addresses. Note: If you already have an Email Address node on the work bench make sure to bring down a new one strictly for this.)
               -- Link Email Address node with Service Node: Quarantine Control 

     3) Click on the Arrows pointing down, on the bottom right of Email Address and check the box to Invert node logic.

     4) Click on the Icon to configure Email Address, on the top left. Add the addresses in here that you want to be able to release for this event. Everyone else won't be able to release for this filter. See images below.

5) On Quarantine control, click on the icon on the top left to configure it. Set 'Disable message release' to User (you may want to change 'Disable attachment download' to User as well. That way they can't download the attachment from the QMS).

Now when a message is quarantined for Attachment Name for a user that is not in that list, they will see an icon in the Status column that means they can't release and they won't be able to release it. You can do the same thing for Fingerprinting as well.