Keep and Remove Buttons Missing for Reviewers in a Review

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  • 25-Jul-2018
  • 25-Jul-2018


Identity Governance (Access Review) 2.5


The “Keep” and “Remove” buttons didn’t appear in the reviewer’s view of a review.


This was found to be caused by the misconfiguration of the parameter "".
Steps used to troubleshoot and resolve this behavior:
1. configutil was started in console mode.

2. Executed this command: dc

3. The result returned was: = .action,itemType,itemName,userName,task,name PLAIN|.action,itemType,itemName,userName,task,name PLAIN
4. Since this parameter was an invalid value, the following command was executed:
sp "itemType,userName,accountName,itemName,action,task"

5. User/Reviewer was asked to check again and the buttons were now visible. Users/Reviewer may need to clear cookies and cache to see the result of the change.