Script utility to convert Extra! .edp files to Reflection Desktop format

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  • 24-Jul-2018
  • 27-Jul-2018


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for X, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.1 and later


If you have a whole lot of Extra! session files (*.edp) and you want to have them all converted for use with Reflection Desktop (*.rd3x, *.rd5x, *.rdox) without having to open each one separately and save it, you can use this script to save them all as Reflection Desktop files.


  1. Copy the VBScript code below to a text file and save as "ConvertEDP.vbs".
  2. Copy ConvertEDP.vbs to a directory that contains Extra! .edp files. (The folder should be one that Reflection Desktop recognizes as a "trusted location"...see Reflection Workspace settings.)
  3. Open a cmd.exe command prompt window and cd to the directory containing the script and .edp files.
  4. To run the script, use this syntax:  cscript.exe ConvertEDP.vbs
  5. Note: make sure that the Reflection Workspace setting for "Exit workspace when last document closed" is un-selected when using this script.
' ConvertEDP.vbs
' For every .edp file in the current directory,
' open it in Reflection Desktop, and save as a
' .rd3x, .rd5x, or .rdox (depending on host type).
' IMPORTANT: Run this script using cscript.exe, for example:
'     cscript.exe ConvertEDP.vbs
' ...or the echo statements will appear as message boxes instead
' of printing to the console!
' Example code provided without warranty or support.
' Please review and understand it before running.

const TERM3270 = 1
const TERM5250 = 2
const CloseAlwaysSave = 3

Wscript.Echo "===ConvertEDP==="

dim fso, wsh
set fso = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FilesystemObject")
set wsh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Wscript.Echo "Launching Reflection for conversion process..."
dim rApp, frame
set rApp = WScript.CreateObject("Attachmate_Reflection_Objects_Framework.ApplicationObject")
set frame = rApp.GetObject("Frame")

dim fcollection, fldr, edp
set fldr = fso.GetFolder(".")
set fcollection = fldr.Files

on error resume next
for each edp in fcollection
   if lcase(Right(edp.Name, 4)) = ".edp" then
      'Reflection can't open/save Extra demo sessions,
      'so skip them..
      if instr(edp.Name, "Demo Session") = 0 then
         Wscript.Echo "Converting: " & edp
         dim term        
         set term = rApp.CreateControl(edp)
         if err <> 0 then
            Wscript.Echo "Unable to open: " & edp & " err=" & err
            Wscript.Echo "Is this a Reflection ""Trusted Location""?"
         end if

         dim newfile
         newfile = left(edp, len(edp) - 3) 'remove "edp" from filename
         if term.TerminalType = TERM3270 then           
            newfile = newfile + "rd3x"
         elseif term.TerminalType = TERM5250 then
            newfile = newfile + "rd5x"
         else  'VT
            newfile = newfile + "rdox"
         end if
         term.SaveAsCompound newfile
         if err <> 0 then
            Wscript.Echo "SaveAs error=" & err
         end if

         term.Close CloseAlwaysSave
         Wscript.Echo "Saved as: " & newfile

      end if 'instr...       
  end if  'lcase...

Wscript.Echo "Done...closing Reflection..."
rApp.Close CloseAlwaysSave