Stop | Start | Status Secure Messaging Gateway (SMG) Services Manually

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  • 24-Jul-2018
  • 27-Aug-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


Restarting the Secure Messaging Gateway(SMG) services is done through the Web interface, under the Module Management | Module Status page. Restarting SMG, although not done often, is done usually for troubleshooting purposes, or if major configuration settings have been changed that requires a restart. 

If a service in the module status shows it is not running, and even after clicking on Start or even Restart All  doesn't work, it will require to manually start the services. 


To start the SMG services manually:

For SMG on SLES appliance:

1) Open up a terminal (putty) into the SMG server and log in as root.

2) Stop all of the SMG processes by typing: service smg stop

3) To check the status, to ensure everything is down before starting it back up, type: service smg status

4) To start SMG back up type: service smg start

For SMG on Ubuntu:

1) Open up a terminal (putty) into the SMG server and log in as the gwava user, or the equivalent super/root user. 
*Note: After logging in using gwava, type sudo su to give the user permissions. 

2) Stop all of the GWAVA processes. Type /etc/init.d/gwava7 stop. 

 3) Check to see if there are GWAVA processes already running (gwvsmtp, gwava, qms, gwavaman, gwvrelay). Type ps aux |grep gwava. If there are additional processes, such as gwvsmtp, still running, kill them.: kill -9 "process id"

4) To start the services type /etc/init.d/gwava7 start


Multiple processes running can cause the specific service to not start up. 
Not allowing the gwvsmtp threads to shut down all the way can cause it to not start up properly, and will need to be shut down manually.