Linux Replication Fails with Error "TCPSocket::Bind(): Address already in use"

  • 7023182
  • 17-Jul-2018
  • 12-Sep-2018


PlateSpin Migrate 12.0 and up
PlateSpin Forge 11.1 and up
PlateSpin Protect 11.0 and up


A Linux replication fails with the message ERROR: "TCPSocket::Bind(): Address already in use" at the step sending files stage.


There is an existing connection using port 3725 on the source.

On the source run netstat -nlp to find out what connection using data transfer port exists and what its PID is. By default, the data transfer port is 3725.

If the process using the connection over the data transfer port is the ofx controller process, end the process. If another process is using that connection, consider when would be an appropriate time to run the replication or consider changing the data transfer port to a port number that won't be used.