SLES support entitlement with OWS products

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  • 25-Jun-2018
  • 13-Mar-2020


Access Manager
GroupWise Messenger
Identity Manager
Open Workgroup Suite (OWS)
Open Enterprise Server
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM)
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (ZESM)


Open Workgroup Suite is a buying program under the Micro Focus maintenance program which includes the essential productivity tools for your end users and the top endpoint management tools for their devices. It provides a secure, flexible, and cost-effective IT infrastructure and collaboration tools.

The primary constituent products of OWS are:
  • Open Enterprise Server (OES)
  • GroupWise
  • Filr
  • iPrint
  • Vibe
  • ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM)
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (ZESM)

SLES entitlements are governed by the respective constituent products' entitlements to SLES included in OWS - say for OES.


The usage of SLES or an appliance version of SLES with OWS, is governed by the EULA's of the respective constituent products and entitled products and it varies between the products.

For example, while OES allows for fully supported deployment of SLES in support of OES, GroupWise only includes an Update Entitlement and no support. 
For more details on the specifics of SLES entitlement you can refer to the respective constituent product EULA's.

Neither OWS or any of its constituent products grant an entitlement to run line of business applications on SLES unrelated to OES / Filr / GroupWise / iPrint / Vibe / ZENworks as outlined in their respective EULA's.

In short as below, but refer to the EULA for exact terms and conditions.
  • OES has a full SLES entitlement to run OES and services in support of OES and includes support aligned to the end-users maintenance program. Any SUSE related support will be as per terms outlined in the OES EULA.
  • GroupWise comes with SLES Update Entitlement. No SLES support is included.
  • ZENworks does not come with SLES and has no SLES entitlement and no support for SLES, unless purchased separately. ZENworks does however, provide a SLES-based appliance that can be used as a Primary Server in the zone.



Although the majority of the OWS products run on top of SLES, it does not automatically imply entitlement on SLES or even the allowance to run SLES without the OWS add-on product.

Additional Information

As GroupWise preferred Linux platform is SLES, it comes with SLES maintenance, upgrade entitlements.
This however does not come with SLES support. For support on SLES itself a SLES standalone license is required in addition to a current GroupWise maintenance subscription, in order to receive direct support for any OS issues that might arise.  If this subscription has not been purchased, a GroupWise engineer has the ability to open the dialog with the SLES engineer and work the issue that way.  Customers working indirectly with SUSE in this manner will find that the resolution of the ticket can take longer to accomplish.

SLES based appliances are a controlled environment and are to be used for their respective products.
The SLES services that come with it are not to be used, configured unless explicitly requested by a Customer Support representative or a member of Micro Focus Engineering.